Cantonese & Mandarin Speakers

Below are the 2018 Speakers. Stay tuned for the 2019 Speakers to be announced late August.

Chinese Keynote  粵語 – Mandarin & Cantonese 
Fr. Augustine Tsang, S.J

Bio: A former California Province Jesuit who is now transcribed to the Chinese Province, is currently teaching at Fu Jen University in Taiwan, Faculty of Theology. Holds a STL (Thesis on St. Therese of Lisieux) and STD.

曾慶導神父,耶穌會神父,神學博士 (S.T.D.), 台灣輔仁大學神學教授

Catholic Laity’s Evangelization Inspired by St. Therese of Lisieux, Patron of the Church’s Mission

The church is facing the great challenge of evangelization and re-evangelization. By baptism every Catholic is called to be an evangelist. Yet the lay Catholics usually cannot go out of their work and family to a foreign country to be a missionary. By declaring St Therese , a cloistered nun, as the patron of the church’s evangelization, The church says that lay Catholics can do a lot in the mission of the church.


Lisa Hui

S.T.D. Candidate at the Jesuit School of Theology of Santa Clara University, Professor of Sacred Scripture at the Holy Spirit Seminary College of Theology and Philosophy, Hong Kong



The Story of Judith: Seeing Hope in the Midst of All Unexpectedness

The Book of Judith is an extraordinary story of hope, full of unexpectedness. When the Israelites in the besieged town are driven to despair, God brings for his people hope of deliverance in a most unexpected manner—by the hand of a woman.


Sr. Gertrude Yau

Sisters of the Precious Blood in Hong Kong, in her Sabbatical year studying in Jesuit School of Theology in Berkeley.

游勵明修女,香港寶血女修會 。現正在柏克萊耶穌會神學院進修

“The Bridge of Hope is Christ”  我的講題是「希望之橋即基督」


Faithfuls should be able to see the world in the eyes of Christ and love the people in the heart of Christ.

The more it is a Church of God, the more it is of people (more humane). Therefore, our faith must be integrated with life. We accept the gospel, live the gospel, and become the gospel.



Fr. Peter Zhai

Director of Chinese Ministry of the Archdiocese of San Francisco

題目: 希望之橋:童貞聖母瑪利亞,天主之母
The Bridge of Hope: Holy Virgin Mary, Mother of God.

從聖母的被揀選,天使的報喜,到聖母站立在耶穌的十字架下, 她一直是我們每個人和整個世界希望的橋樑。聖母也一直藉著她在世界各地的顯現,為受苦的人類帶來愛、平安和希望。 讓我們聽從她的信息而成為世界上天主恩寵的橋樑。
From the predestination of being chosen as the Mother of the Son of God, to the annunciation and to the standing by the side of Jesus’ crucification, Mary has been the bridge of Hope for each of us and for the world. She has been constantly bringing love, peace and hope in the midst of our struggles in the world through her apparitions. Let us heed her messages and be the bridge of God’s grace for the world.