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English Keynote 10:45 AM-11:45 AM

English Keynote 6-01
Christina Lamas  

The Mission of Listening

Did you know that conversations with young people have the potential to shape how the Church ministers to them now and in the future? Come learn more about how you can be a part of the mission of listening. Come discover the power of engaging young people in conversation. Young people will enrich this keynote with their presence and witness. (Witness)

Session 600 10:45 AM – 11: 45 AM

Session 6-15
Laura Bertone

Preparing Confirmation Liturgies

How can we make Confirmation Liturgies encourage the full, active and conscious participation of all involved – but especially the confirmands? We will discuss the new Ritual and areas within the Mass that allow for creativity and interaction with the confirmands, their sponsors and families so that it is a ritual mass and not a Graduation from Church. (Worship)

Session 6-16
Fr. Chris Bennett

Is Your Liturgical Environment Alive or is it on Life Support 

In every Church building, art and architecture become the joint work of the Holy Spirit and the local community. They come together in order to prepare a place to receive God’s word in Scripture and Eucharist. Built of Living Stones: Art, Architecture, and Worship. Changing the liturgical environment for the Advent/Christmas/Epiphany, Lent/Triduum/Easter seasons the goal is to create an environment in the church that enhances prayer and worship according to the liturgical times and seasons, and in harmony with Church guidelines (Worship)


Session 700 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM

Session 7-01
Hosffman Ospino

This Is Our Faith, This Is the Faith of the Church, This is Our Hope 

Christian discipleship is grounded in the encounter with Jesus Christ, sustained by specific convictions that countless believers have shared for centuries from one generation to the next. It is our turn to share that faith. However, what should we share? How to share it in a way that engenders hope? These questions are often in the minds of parents and catechists, particularly at a time when little seems to stick and everything is up for questioning. Let us discern our calling to be a community of believers that lives and celebrates its faith with hope. (Witness)

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Session 7-02 
Kathryn Bojczyk, Ph.D.

Faith Nurtured Early Lasts a Lifetime: Introduction to Early Childhood Faith Formation

Through early childhood faith formation, young children (ages 3-5) develop in their awareness of God and lay the foundation for a loving, personal relationship with God. Contrary to popular belief, early childhood faith formation is much more than just “fun and games” but involves a process of inviting children to experience God in concrete, age-appropriate ways. In this presentation, Dr. Kathryn Bojzcyk will take catechists inside the minds and hearts of children ages 3-5, will introduce basic principles of early childhood faith formation, and will identify strategies for effective learning at the early childhood level in order to nurture a faith that will last a lifetime.

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Session 7-03 
Paul Canavese

Stop the Stampede: How Engaging Parents Can Keep Kids in the Church

Do you have fewer families than you used to? How many do you still see at Mass after baptism, first Eucharist or confirmation? And how many of these children will we see as they enter adulthood? Study after study identifies parents as the most important factor in whether children will remain Catholic. Today the church needs us to become influencers who can convince parents why Mass and our faith has value. Learn how to speak their language, harness their motivations, and coach them to share faith with their children. Gain strategies and tools for attracting and influencing parents—especially around the touch point of First Eucharist—so Christ and the church can make a real difference in their lives.

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Session 7-04 
Terry Cotting-Mogan

The Spirit of a Missionary Disciple

A Missionary Disciple evangelizes in order to form practicing Catholics. This is the goal of all ministries. Come explore practical ways that you can embody the spirit of a missionary disciple in your role as a catechist.

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Session 7-05 
Bob Hurd

Compassionate Christ, Compassionate People: Exploring the Spirituality of the Liturgy

At every celebration of the Eucharist, the compassionate Christ gathers us to himself through the bread of the Word and the bread of the Eucharist. All this, so that we can become and enact his compassionate presence in our world today. Bob’s presentation shows how this spirituality shapes the liturgy and explores how our various ministries—music-making, presiding, proclamation of the scriptures—can better serve it. (Worship)

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Session 7-06 
Christina Lamas

The Mission of Listening (Part 2)

This workshop will build upon the English morning keynote. Practical tools will be shared and explored so you too can be part of Pope Francis’ invitation to listen to our young people. There will be time for questions and answers. (Witness)

Session 7-07 
Douglas Leal

Stop Reading and Start Proclaiming! Bringing Scripture to Life

Those who think scripture is “boring” have likely never heard it really proclaimed. Whether in liturgy, a prayer service, or a formation session, scripture read aloud should be engaging and life giving. This workshop will introduce practical techniques, borrowed from the time-tested work of professional actors, to turn any reader into a vibrant proclaimer (but not a performer). Anyone who proclaims scripture to others—catechists, lectors, presiders, deacons, ministry leaders, cantors—will benefit from learning how to make scripture really soar, so your community can be inspired to Grow in Faith and Live in Hope!

Session 7-08 
Rev. Ricky Manalo, CSP

Encountering Christ in Harmony (Part One): Celebrating the New U.S. Bishops’ 

There is cause for rejoicing: the USCCB recently issued a new pastoral response, Encountering Christ in Harmony, which weaves together the rich tapestry of Asian and Pacific Island (API) communities, cultures, and faith practices. Join us for a dynamic overview full of pastoral suggestions, as we celebrate this important moment in U.S. Catholic history.

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Session 7-09 
Tim O’Malley

The Mysticism of Marriage 

It took well into the 20th century for Catholicism to develop a robust theology and spirituality of marriage. But this doesn’t mean that there wasn’t a mysticism related to God’s love earlier in the Church. In this workshop, we’ll explore insights about the mysticism of marriage from Hildegard of Bingen, Bernard of Clairvaux, Hugh of St. Victor, Catherine of Siena, and John of the Cross. Participants will walk away with rich resources for forming couples in a spiritual of marriage connected to the life of the Church. (Witness)

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Session 7-10 
Anna Scally

Changing Lives, One Song at a Time 

To effectively reach a culture, we must realize that the Church needs to focus on evangelization “not because we need more numbers,” but to let young people know they are appreciated and that their “gifts are important to building the Kingdom of God.” This may be easier to achieve when we realize that a significant key may lie in their music. Walk away with practical and achievable ways to make the Gospel relevant. Arrive ready to learn, laugh, and be inspired by the soundtrack of their heart. (Witness)

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Session 7-11 
Mary Wuertz von Holt

Teaching RCIA/RICA to Create Vibrant Witnesses and a Vibrant Parish 

While teaching RCIA/RICA is a lot of work, team members know they get more benefits out of the class than the work they put in. The new members received at Easter become vibrant witnesses and renew the Church. Can we leverage RCIA to create a vibrant parish as well as vibrant witnesses? How can we structure RCIA so that the entire parish is involved and they grow in their faith? Attend this session and learn tips for catechizing not only your catechumens and candidates but also their sponsors, team volunteers, and long-time parishioners. (Worship)

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Session 7-15 
Rosanne Belpedio, CSJ

Let the Rite Speak 

Parents and godparents need some coaching in how to enter more consciously into the celebration of infant baptism. Parish leaders can help them do this with some simple but focused reflection on the distinct moments of this sacramental liturgy. This workshop will offer some suggested activities to do with parents and godparents to raise their awareness about the meaning of Baptism in their own lives and the implications for the faith life of the baby to be baptized.

Session 7-16 
Pamela Hardiman

Simple Painted Silk Ribbon Banners 

Learn how to highlight and accentuate movement in your liturgies with a simple banner you will make during this workshop. At the end of the workshop, you will come away with a 6’ long ribbon banner and the skills to teach others to do so. Learn how to use fabric paint on silk ribbon to create one ribbon that is both personal and seasonal. Combine with other seasonal colors and attach to a 4’ dowel for a beautiful, flowing piece of moveable art. While our paint dries, we will learn how to move with the banners and discuss ideas for using in liturgy. We will plan to use the banners in the closing prayer service at the end of the day. NOTE: 2 hour session – limited to 35 participants.

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Session 800 3:00 PM – 4:00 PM

Session 8-01
Sr. Simone Campbell

Prophetic Communities and the Common Good 

In turbulent times we are called to Gospel engagement that is rooted in reflective prayer and grounded in encounter that breaks our hearts, changes our perspectives and our society. (Witness)

Session 8-02
Andres Arango

Missionary Disciples in the New Evangelization 

Our essential mission is evangelization. We are invited always to share the love and presence of Jesus. “The new evangelization calls for personal involvement of each of the baptized… We are missionary disciples” proclaimed Pope Francis in The Joy of the Gospel. This workshop introduces a renewed understanding of Catholic Evangelization providing helpful tips of how to use our gifts to be more active in the process of evangelization. The whole dynamic of the workshop will be focused on the invitation to have a constant personal encounter with Jesus, which empower us to be missionary disciples, witnesses of God’s love.  (Witness)

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Session 8-03
Nancy Bird

4 Secrets of the Spirituality of Self Care – Wellness for Ministers 

Those who minister to others are constantly challenged to find the balance between nurturing others and finding time to care for ourselves. How then do we justify setting time aside for self-care? Yet, Jesus himself took time to renew, replenish, and rejuvenate. Self-care is not selfish. It is an opportunity to explore wellness as a way of life for leaders and embrace the spirituality of self-care that can lead to more joy in ministry. (Word)

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Session 8-04
Paul Canavese

Whole Family Catechesis 101: How to Instill Faith that Lasts a Lifetime 

The church teaches that parents are the primary educators of their children, but we generally foster a formation model in which parents outsource this responsibility to pass on faith to the parish or school. And it is not working. But hope is not lost! In fact, we already know what works. This talk highlights practical ways parishes and schools can evangelize, engage, and coach parents to embrace their essential role. We will explore key methodologies and specific tools you can put to use right away at each step of the faith formation process, from baptism through confirmation… and beyond. (Word/Worship)

Sponsor The Pastoral Center

Session 8-05
 Fr. Thomas Kane, CSP

What in the world is Reconciliation? 

The word “reconciliation” means many different things in the healing ministry. This workshop will examine reconciliation from different perspectives: as a simple one to one encounter; as a sacramental process; and as a group experience. (Witness)

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Session 8-06
Bishop Oscar Solis, Rev. Ricky Manalo, CSP, and Corinne Monogue

Encountering Christ in Harmony (Part Two): Implementing the New Pastoral

The new U.S. Bishops’ response, Encountering Christ in Harmony, offers us a model of how to better minister towards and alongside of our Asian and Pacific sisters and brothers. Join us for a dynamic panel discussion among key API leaders as we celebrate our unity and our diversity.

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Session 8-07
Maureen Provencher

Igniting the Hearts of New Generation:
Engaging and Accompanying Younger Disciples! 

Children, today, think differently. Their interests and needs vary. They learn in a variety of different ways. Their attention spans are short and their energy levels are more than we can keep up with! And, their desire to know, love, and serve God is real and alive! They’ve evolved and so must our ways of sharing, teaching, and walking the journey of faith, together – with them and with their families! If you have the privilege of ministering with children and their families, then this workshop is for you. Together, we’ll delve more deeply into the mystery of understanding and embracing this generation and their gift to us. Then, we’ll look to effective approaches that are practical, fun, inviting, and achievable, to effectively engage them and nurture their hearts in faith and love.  (Witness)

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Session 8-08
Janèt Sullivan Whitaker

Sharing Faith in Everyday Ways 

We are called to bear witness to the saving presence of Christ in our lives. This presentation explores everyday ways in which we can more generously share our faith with others, through Christian hospitality, gratitude, and sincere attentiveness. (Worship)

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Session 8-15
Michael Ruzicki

Preparing and Celebrating First Communion Liturgies 

This workshop presents a collaborative and liturgically appropriate approach for preparing Masses in which children are receiving Communion for the first time. Participants will be presented with the liturgical norms and acceptable practices. Additionally, they will receive ideas for scheduling liturgies, seating arrangements, processions, attire, and preparing liturgical ministers. This workshop is intended for pastors, liturgists, music directors, directors of religious education, catechists, and worship commissions so they can help foster the participation of children and bring them to full communion at the table of the Lord.

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Session 8-16
Pamela Hardiman

Using Processional Banners in Liturgy: What, How, and Why

Children of all ages understand that Banners = Celebration. From the bored baby in the stroller whose face lights up, to the teen excited to carry one, banners can add another dimension to liturgical celebration. Learn about different types of banners, how they can be used in liturgy, and why they are a good idea. (Worship)

Session 8-21 – 8-29
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Session 8-36 – 8-31 
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