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Saturday All Day Schedule

Below is the 2018 Schedule.
Stay tuned for the 2019 Schedule to be announced late August.

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Catechumen’s Journey Workshop 9:00 AM - 4:30 PM

Catechumen’s Journey Workshop All Day Sessions 
Timothy A. Johnston, Victoria M. Tufano, Michael Ruzicki

Sponsor: LTP Sponsorship

Spanish Keynote 10:45-11:45 AM

Spanish Keynote 6-18
Sister Teresa Maya,
CCVI, President of the Leadership
Conference of Women Religious (LCWR)

Vietnamese Keynote 10:45-11:45 AM

Vietnamese Keynote 6-27
Bishop Thanh Thai Nguyen,
Auxiliary Bishop of Orange

Session 600 10:45 AM – 11: 45 PM

Session 6-01
Ish Ruiz

Let’s talk about Gender Identity in Our Parishes

How can we as catechist and lay leaders bring the compassion that Pope Francis is speaking about when it comes to gender identity in our parishes. This session will explore the experience of transgender people and will focus on potential ways Catholic parishes/schools could address gender identity in practical ways. (Social Justice)

Session 6-02
Nancy Bird

Six Steps to Cultivate the Creative Catechist: Catechetical Leaders

Looking for practical ways to motivate and inspire your catechists?  You’ll leave this lively workshop with six simple suggestions to cultivate your own creativity and some practical ideas for encouraging and engaging your catechists to fully embrace their catechetical vocation. (Witness)

Sponsored by:RCL

Session 6-03
Bishop Randolph Calvo

Women Deacons: Sources in Tradition & Their Meaning for Today

The presentation will explore sources in the Church’s tradition which tell of the ministry of women ad deacons in the first millennium and will discuss their implications and possibilities for today. (Word)

Session 6-04
Carol Fowler

How to Manage Conflict in the Ministerial Workplace

All parishes seek to create healthy relations within staff,  ministry leaders, and  parishioners. This session provides approaches for pastoral leaders to help  develop a culture of trust,  manage conflict,  and restore broken relationships. (Witness)

Sponsor: Leadership Rountable

Session 6-05
Rev. Dr. Thomas Kane

Becoming a Disciple of Joy and Mercy 

Listen to Pope Francis’ Call to Mercy by reaching out to the peripheries and welcoming and inviting those on the edges.  This workshop will explore the Theology of Reconciliation and offer practical and pastoral suggestions on being a Disciple of Joy and Mercy through personal witness and compassionate listening. (Word)

Sponsor: Paulist Reconciliation Ministries Landings International

Session 6-06
Sr Pat McCormick

Shift Parents from the Parking Lot to Participation

Why do some parents rely on religious education programs to be the primary providers of faith     formation for their children?  How can catechists move parents from the parking lot to fuller     participation? This presentation will provide practical, applicable, inspirational and compassionate insights for “backdoor” evangelizing. (Witness)

Sponsor: Paulist Reconciliation Ministries Landings International

Session 6-07
Terry Cotting-Morgan

Seeing and Hearing God in Your Ministry

God calls us to a ministry to serve, but also to provide us with an opportunity to grow in our faith. Come, reflect, and share how God is speaking to you through your catechetical ministry. (Witness)

Session 6-08
Joe Paprocki

Living the Sacraments: Finding Hope at the Intersection of Heaven and Earth

As Catholics, our quest is not just to receive the sacraments, but rather to live the sacraments.  It is not an overstatement to say that, for us Catholics, the sacraments represent a way of life – our Christian “M-O” – a way of living in which one seeks to recognize every encounter and experience of life as infused with hope and as a potential opportunity to encounter God. To be Catholic is to permanently plant oneself at the intersection of heaven and earth – where hope resides – and the sacraments serve as vehicles for this boundless hope. In this presentation, Joe Paprocki, DMin, shows how the Sacraments provide us with a road map for discovering the answer to the ultimate human questions : where is God? (very near to us) and is God accessible in my life? (Yes, yes, and again, yes!) (Worship/ Witness)

Sponsor: Loyola Press

Session 6-09
Ricardo Soto, D.M.A.

Bilingual Responsorial Psalms for the Liturgical Year/Salmos responsoriales bilingües para  el año litúrgico

This bilingual workshop will allow us to sing our way through the liturgical year by examining Responsorial Psalms for the various seasons. This practical musical session with bilingual psalms for Advent, Christmas, Lent, Easter and Ordinary time will deepen your appreciation for the season psalms.  

Este taller bilingüe nos permitirá cantar nuestro camino a través del año litúrgico examinando Salmos Responsoriales para las distintas temporadas.  Esta práctica sesión musical con salmos bilingües para Adviento, Navidad, Cuaresma, Pascua y tiempo Ordinario profundizará su aprecio por los salmos de la temporada. 


Cantonese/Mandarin Keynote

Cantonese Keynote 6-30   10:45 AM – 11:45 AM
Fr. Augustine Tsang, S.J

今天天主教友的福傳使命 一一教會傳教主保聖女小德蘭給我們的啟發

Catholic Laity’s Evangelization Inspired by St. Therese of Lisieux, Patron of the Church’s Mission

Mandarin Keynote 7-31   1:00 PM – 2:00 PM
Fr. Augustine Tsang, S.J
今天天主教友的福傳使命 一一教會傳教主保聖女小德蘭給我們的啟發

Catholic Laity’s Evangelization Inspired by St. Therese of Lisieux, Patron of the Church’s Mission


Chinese Session 600 10:45 AM – 11: 45 PM

Sr. Gertrude Yau

Mandarin: 我的講題是「希望之橋即基督」。
The Bridge of Hope is Christ”

Session 700 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM

Session 7-01
Fr Dave Dwyer

Building Bridges with Millennials: How Young Adults are Reshaping the Church

While there is a tendency to focus on the growing number of “Nones” in the millennial generation (those who claim no affiliation with any organized religion), there are many young adults still in our midst who are not only the future of our faith communities but also very much part of our present reality. What do young people say they want from the Church? How does this impact who we are as a people of faith now and in the future?  How are we being further challenged to reach out to millennials who are distant from the faith? (Witness)

Sponsor: LTP

Session 7-18 to Session 7-26

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Session 7-27

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Session 7-30 to Session 7-31

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Chinese Session 700 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM

Session 7-30
Lisa Hui

Cantonese: 友弟德的故事:在一切意想不到之事當中看見希望

Session 800 3:00 PM – 4:00 PM

Session 8-01
Michael Brough/Alejandro Aguilera-Titus

How to Work for Unity in the Diversity of Your Parish

Pope Francis describes the  Holy Spirit as both the source of diversity and  the One who brings about Unity. This session will explore the knowledge, skills, and  attitudes needed to develop intercultural competencies that bring about unity within the  diversity of our parishes. (Witness)

Session 8-02
Msgr Ray East

Well Formed, Uninformed and Misinformed

Where are you? (Word)

Session 8-04
Tim Hogan

The Gift of Cultural Hurricanes: How to Build Bridges that Empower Parents and Transform Catholic Families


Sponsor: RCL Benziger

Session 8-05
Jim Lundholm-Eades

How to Form and Re-Energize Parish Pastoral and Finance Councils

Pastoral and  Finance Councils are key advisory bodies in parishes.  This session provides practical tools and  approaches for forming, energizing, and  sustaining councils so as to increase their effectiveness in promoting the  mission of the parish.    (Witness)

Sponsor: Leadership Rountable

Session 8-06
Virginia Meagher

Daily Formation in Discipleship

Whether it is a new study published in “Scientific America,” an article in the “Harvard Business Review,” or a writing from Fr. Ron Rolheiser, OMI, the value and importance of ritual seems open to new discovery all the time. Aristotle wrote that virtue is formed in us through our actions. The Bible provides detailed descriptions and instructions for rituals throughout life. And within the church the liturgical year, the sanctoral cycle of saints days and holy days, the actions of sacraments and liturgy provide us with daily formation that helps us to grow in discipleship. We will look at what the ritual calls us to, how our actions, especially in liturgy, shape the whole community, and how we can prayerfully reflect on and grow in our ritual participation, even when we’ve been doing it a long time. (Word)

Session 8-07
Jo Ann Paradise

Integrated Family Catechesis Is More Than One Gathering

The question is no longer, “Should we do family catechesis?”  The question is now, “What are the necessary elements of effective family catechesis?”   We will explore the concept of integrated family catechesis that is systematic and intentional as it awakens, evangelizes and catechizes parents leading them to a life of discipleship. All the while recognizing we must equip, support, affirm and challenge parents to see parenting as a vocation.  Jo Ann will inspire you to meet families where they are and awaken in them the “holy longing” to live in relationship with God and his people.         


Sponsor: OSV

Session 8-18 – Session 8-20
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Session 8-27
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Session 8-30 – Session 8-31 
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Chinese Session 800 3:00 PM – 4:00 PM

Session 8-30
Sr. Gertrude Yau

Cantonese: 我的講題是「希望之橋即基督」。 “The Bridge of Hope is Christ”.

Session 8-31
Fr. Peter Zhai

Mandarin: 題目: 希望之橋:童貞聖母瑪利亞,天主之母 The Bridge of Hope: Holy Virgin Mary, Mother of God.