Apostoles de la Palabra

Booth #632        
E: josersoto@outlook.com          
Catholic literature from the Misionaries Apostles of the Word (Apostoles de la Palabra) founded by Fr. Flaviano Amatulli Valente, FMAP. Our mission isto make the Bible, the word of God, accesible to all catholics through simple and easy to understand methods.Here you will find books on the Bible, Catholic Apologetics, on being missionary disciples, Popular Religiosity and Catechesis.Most of our books are Spanish with some translated to English.

Armour Of God
Booth #522        
E: stephrodri0@gmail.com         
We have apparel, veils, and some religious articles.

Ave Maria Press              
Booth #619        
E: epierce@nd.edu        
Ave Maria Press is a leader in publishing Catholic high school religion textbooks, ministry resources, and books on prayer and spirituality. We will sell these books and resources to those attending the conference.

Bethlehem Artworks     
Booth #532        
E: issq1126@gmail.com               
Hand-made olive wood religious items from the holy land.

Blessbuy Enterprise       
Booth #422        
E: xenstan@yahoo.com
Religious Jewelry and Gifts

Build Your Rosary 365 Catholic Store     
Booth #319        
E: byr365@gmail.com   
Religious articles

California People of Faith           
Booth #320        
E: terrymc0531@gmail.com       
Distribute literature pertaining to abolition of the death penalty
Gather petition signature opposing the death penalty
Gather signature of people interested in receiving information pertaining to abolition of the death penalty. 

Cards by Anne  
Booth #616        
E: anne@cardsbyanne.com        
Cards by Anne is an international greeting card company specializing in hand-calligraphied cards with philosophical messages. We have been in business since 1986, taking great pride in our unique line of greeting cards. All of our cards are printed on the highest quality recycled paper. Each is hand-designed using calligraphy, water color and/or ink. The simplicity of the designs allows the profound messages to speak to the heart.

Catholic Campaign for Human Development      
Booth #323        
E: marcus.cabrera@dsj.org         
The Catholic Campaign for Human Development is the domestic anti-poverty program of the U.S. Catholic Bishops, working to carry out the mission of Jesus Christ.  The CCHD collection takes place every November and funds many non-profits in your local diocese! Come see how YOU can make a difference!

Catholic Cemeteries       
Booth #324        
E: laura.schemmel@dsj.org
CFCS – Catholic Funeral and Cemetery Services, a division of the San Jose Diocese. Experience the Catholic Faith during an end-of-life journey.

Catholic Committee on Scouting, Diocese of San Jose    
Booth #519        
E: a.resch@att.net         
Our booth will display information pertinent to the Catholic religious emblem programs as well as how scouting programs serve as Catholic youth ministry.

Christauria Wellandura 
Booth #333        
e: drchristauriawelland@gmail.com   
Pax in Familia, an international Catholic ministry dedicated to peace, and to the prevention of violence and abuse in Catholic families

Cornerstone Media        
Booth #433        
E: ascally@aol.com        
Anna Scally offers  inspiring workshop and youth rally speaker, youth ministry training consultant, and a disc jockey.  She is a columnist for Cornerstone Media’s Top Music Countdown quarterly poster, and also the host for the audio show Burning Issues, dealing with relevant youth topics. She was M.C. of the catechetical sessions for 77,000 young people at Mile High Stadium in Denver for World Youth Day.                         

Daughters of Charity of St. Vincent de Paul        
Booth #418        
E: srllaguna@doc1633.org          
Vocation give-away materials for discernment to consecrated life for single Catholic women ages 18-40: Prayer Cards, Miraculous Medals, Pins, Stickers, Pens, Brochures, Books, Tee-Shirts, Backpacks

Daughters of St Paul     
Booths #521 & 523         
E: srirene@gmail.com  
Daughters of St Paul have religious materials,, music, DVDs and teacher resources like coloring books, lives of the saints and prayer books available during the conference.

Booth #328        
E: estauss@ewtn.com   
EWTN, the world’s largest religious media network, airs family and religious programming from a Catholic viewpoint through television, radio and Internet. EWTN offers talk shows, children’s animation, live coverage of Church events, and documentaries, all consistent with the Magisterium, and in English and Spanish. EWTN also publishes the National Catholic Register bi-weekly.

Excel Religious Arts        
Booth #316        
E: excelreligiousarts@gmail.com              
Dealer of hand crafted religious icons and jewelry

Franciscan Friars, Province of St. Barbara            
Booth #427        
E: vocations@sbofm.org
Vocation promotion    

Gifts of Faith     
Booth #424        
E: giftoffaithsat@aol.com            
Baptism, Communion, Confirmation Gifts                           

Herald Entertainment   
Booth #634        
E: amber@herald-inc.com          
Herald Entertainment is an award-winning production house dedicated to the creation of content-rich animation, documentaries, music and publication. Our objective is to provide quality media for the enjoyment and edification of all ages on a global scale. We meet our objectives through the creation of original properties as well as by providing production support to projects that uphold the same values. We are the producers of the hit series “Brother Francis”, which includes DVDs, books, coloring books and more, created especially for Catholic children.

Jen Norton Art Studio   
Booth #527        
E: jen@jennortonartstudio.com               
Prints, cards and gift items featuring the artwork of Jen Norton.

Jmj co  
Booth #719        
E: jmjco.carina@gmail.com                       
My homeschool children and I hand make rosaries, bracelets and earrings. We also offer t-shirts with Catholic messages and pillowcases, crucifix, brown scapulars, different saint medals, picture frames, religious movies, books in English and Spanish, bibles, keychains, pins, veils, license plates with bible verses, candles, and rings with the Our Father engraved.

Librería y Novedades    
Booth #423  
E:  vazester17@gmail.com                         
Religious supplies Rosaries, prayer books, bracelets, nativities, scarfs, key chains, crosses, Saint Statues, Religious Jewelry, Saint Stories DVD’s, Candles, T-Shirts, Christmas items and more.

Life Teen            
Booth #520        
E: mtrujillo@lifeteen.com           
As a Eucharist-centered movement within the Roman Catholic Church, Life Teen leads teenagers and their families into a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ and His Church. With the Blessed Virgin Mary as our intercessor and guide, Life Teen seeks to unleash the fullness of the Sacramental power present within the young Church.

Liturgy Training Publications     
Booths #622 & 624         
E: lortiz@ltp.org              
Liturgy Training Publications is a premier publisher of liturgical and pastoral materials in English and Spanish. Established by the Archdiocese of Chicago in 1964, LTP promotes the liturgical formation of the faithful called for by the Constitution on the Sacred Liturgy of the Second Vatican Council. Dedicated to developing resources for the assembly, clergy, liturgical ministers, and all who study the liturgy, LTP produces books, videos, workshops, and other training materials so all the faithful may “become thoroughly imbued with the spirit and power of the liturgy” (SC, 14).    

Loyola Press      
Booths #715 & 717         
E: dreps@loyolapress.com          
In the spirit of Saint Ignatius of Loyola who points us always to personal relationship with Jesus Christ, and in response to those we serve, we create books and multi-media products that facilitate transformative experiences of God so that people of all ages can lead holy and purposeful lives with and for others.

Lupitas Joyeria 
Booths #315 & 317         
E: vazquezmisael710@gmail.com            
Gold silver and stainless steel jewelry

M. Pollard Educational Solutions            
Booth #331        
E: mpollard.ed@gmail.com        
Educational Materials for PreK-12 Grade. We will be sharing the following materials: 1) Steps To Literacy
2) Learning Without Tears 3) NSTA (National Science Teaching Association)

Magis Center    
Booth #318        
E: janell@magiscenter.com        
A representative from Magis Center – Credible Catholic will be at the booth to provide information on the material. The purpose of the Credible Catholic material is to provide contemporary educational supplements with credible, innovative, and unique materials for Catholic Schools and Faith Formation programs. Credible Catholic is focused on presenting the intuitive balance of faith, science, and reason to better inform Catholics about their faith and prevent their attrition from the Church.

Booth #633        
E: A.dEpinay@magnificat.com   
We will be displaying books and prayer resources available through our website.

Mary Mother of God Mission Society    
Booth #628        
E: usoffice@vladmission.org      
The mission society is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization based in the United States. It exists to revive the Roman Catholic Church in Eastern Russia. We are in union with the Holy Father and the Magisterium of the Roman Catholic Church. We fund raise throughout the US at Catholic Conferences selling Russian icons and nesting dolls as well as hand made book and bible covers made from retired priest vestment. We also offer Religious gifts and jewelry.

Maryknoll Fathers and Brothers              
Booth #334        
E: sluna@maryknoll.org  
Maryknoll Fathers and Brothers will provide free educational tools on missionary discipleship in the classroom for Teachers and Catechists of all grades. There will also be information on upcoming retreats, programs, and immersion trips. All are welcome!

Booth #524        
E: admin@catholicer.com           
Increase the participation of younger generations in financially supporting worldwide Catholic Ministries by providing the best donation experience.

NET Ministries  
Booth #623        
E: christinas@netusa.org             
A vast majority of Catholic youth are disconnecting from the Church during their teenage years. To reawaken their faith, NET Ministries trains teams of young adults to make a transformational difference in parishes and schools across the United States. Since 1981, our missionaries have proclaimed the Gospel to over 2 million young people, inspiring them to pursue a deeper relationship with Christ and increase their connection to the Catholic Church. Come see how you can challenge young Catholics to love Christ within your own parish or school community!

Notre Dame Creations
Booth #415        
E: ndcreation@aol.com
Liturgical and fine art photography by Sister Rose Marie For Faith formation, RCIA, classroom, catechesis and personal use, etc. Mass cards, bereavement cards, Christmas cards. Available in English and Spanish. Proceeds support the spiritual and humanitarian outreach of the Sisters of Notre Dame.

Booth #631        
E: trudyv@ocp.org         
OCP is a major Catholic music publishing company in the US. We are committed to providing the finest music and worship resources that bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ to all.

Old School Catholic Traditions   
Booth #419        
E: oldschoolcatholictraditions@yahoo.com         
Custom Wood Signs, Hand carved and painted.

Our Sunday Visitor         
Booth #516        
E: vvogel@osv.com

Paulist Evangelization Ministries
Booth #627        
E: KBoyack@pemdc.org               
Paulist Evangelization Ministries offers resources in English and Spanish that equip Catholics to grow as missionary disciples who invite and welcome inactive Catholics and those with no church affiliation. The resources include Living the Eucharist, The Journey, Awakening Faith, Seeking Christ, Paulist Online Training for Evangelization, and the new book titled Catholic Discipleship. Each resource fosters transformative encounters with Christ.

Paulist Press/Landings International      
Booth #417        
E: bbyrns@paulistpress.com      
Paulist Press is a leading publisher of books in the areas of theology, religious studies, scripture, liturgy, spirituality, pastoral ministry, church history, world religions, and children’s books. Landing International is a parish program that invites all parish communities to reach out to Catholics who have been away from the church and who struggle in the relationship with God and the Church. Paulist Press and Landings International are ministries of the Paulist Fathers.”

Pflaum Publishing          
Booths #615 & 617         
Faith formation textbooks and resources

Prayer Pillowcases         
Booth #517        
E: joseph@prayerpillowcases.com          
Catholic Pillowcases

RCL Benziger     
Booth #518        
E: jvargas@rclbenziger.com        
Catholic resources

Religious Medals OMG 
Booths #721 & 723         
E: religiousmedalsomg@gmail.com         
Handcrafted rosary bracelets, religious medals, shawls, etc.

Romantic Catholic
Booth #531        
E: store@romanticcatholic.com
Catholic Tees

Saint John’s School of Theology and Seminary   
Booth #727        
E: dpoling001@csbsju.edu          
Saint John’s School of Theology and Seminary, rooted in the Roman Catholic and Benedictine traditions and the ecumenical and liturgical heritage of Saint John’s Abbey, fosters study and prayer in a community of learners.  
As an academic community relying on the wisdom of the Holy Spirit, we root ourselves in the Christian tradition, and interpret that legacy in light of the Roman Catholic and Benedictine heritage passed on to us by Saint John’s Abbey with its rich theological, liturgical and ecumenical history.  
We commit ourselves to academic, spiritual, pastoral, and professional formation so we might serve the church in lay and ordained ministry and thus use our diverse gifts for the transformation of our world.”

Saint Mary’s Press          
Booth #416        
E: cbittle@smp.org        
Our display booth will include tables displaying our religious education materials and Bibles for Elementary through High School.

Santa Clara University – GPPM  
Booth #534        
E: llukenbill@scu.edu    
This Master of Arts program in Pastoral Ministries provides on-campus courses and a blended learning program which includes face-to-face and online class meetings in many dioceses in California. They include the Dioceses of San José, Monterey, Sacramento, San Bernardino, San Diego and the Archdiocese of Los Angeles. Learn about the MA in Pastoral Ministries degree with a concentration in Hispanic Ministry, Restorative Justice/Chaplaincy, Youth/Young Adult Ministry and more.

Santa Clara University’s Jesuit School of Theology          
Booth #420        
E: mlatchison@scu.edu
The Jesuit School of Theology educates scholars and ministers to serve the Church and society by enlivening faith, promoting reconciliation, laboring for justice, and participating in God’s mercy. We bring theology into dialogue with communities, with their particular histories and cultures, serving people and learning from them in a spirit of solidarity.

Sisters of the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary     
Booth #432        
E: mimimaloneysnjm@gmail.com            
Invitation to consider religious life, specifically the Sisters of the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary.

Sophia Institute for Teachers     
Booths #434 & 533         
E: mkaschak@sophiainstitute.com
We were founded by Catholic teachers who wanted something different — inspiring professional development programs and classroom-ready Catholic textbooks and catechetical resources that more effectively engage students and their families.

Special Needs   
Booth #327        

St Francis Retreat           
Booth #621        
E: edegroot@stfrancisretreat.com          
Located forty minutes south of San Jose, St. Francis Retreat offers a peaceful setting for retreats, workshops, conferences or private time away for reflection and soulful re-creation. We can accommodate groups as large as 120 people and are known for the quality of our food. If you are near San Juan Bautista, why not stop by and take a look around.

The Pastoral Center       
Booths #618 & 620         
E: paul@pastoralcenter.com      
The Pastoral Center: Pastoral ministers helping pastoral ministers. We specialize in equipping parish and school leaders with practical resources for ministry. We are a leader in whole family catechesis through our popular Growing Up Catholic ministry. We also have a wide range of offerings for adult formation, youth ministry, lectionary-based resources, seasonal resources, and parish leadership. We offer many downloadable, reproducible tools, as well as bulk priced items that will work within your tight parish budget. We’re always happy to chat about your specific pastoral situation and help you find just the right approach for your community.

The Valley Catholic        
Booth #733        
E: elizabeth.sullivan@dsj.org     
The Valley Catholic is the official newspaper of the Roman Catholic Diocese of San Jose in California. It publishes mostly biweekly for a total of 19 issues annually. The trilingual paper is primarily written in English but includes sections in Spanish and Vietnamese.                      

US-China Catholic Association   
Booth #731        
E: staff@uscatholicchina.org      
Come experience a bit of China! In this global era, as a universal Catholic church, we promote fraternal ties and mutual support between the Church in China and the Church in the U.S. Stop by our booth to learn about the many different opportunities we offer – such as: study tours to China, Chinese Christian spirituality, conferences that bring people together from around the world, and occasions to promote engagement and dialogue. Our most recent endeavor is finding ways to support the efforts of parishes right on through to universities to reach out to Chinese students here in the U.S.

Vitaly Corporation         
Booth #528        
E: vitaly_corporation@yahoo.com                                         

William H Sadlier            
Booth #515        
E: pbonilla@sadlier.com              
Sadlier creates experiences that inform and transform the hearts and minds of learners in all educational settings and throughout life. For over 185 years, William H. Sadlier, Inc. has been dedicated to preparing K–12 students for success in academics with rigorous English Language Arts and Mathematics programs and forming them in the Catholic faith through our catechetical programs. Sadlier offers a variety of educational solutions from print to technology.